What is the best camera for travel and vlogging?

If you are looking for the best camera for travel and vlogging, you need to consider some main aspects in your search: portability, image quality, and audio recording quality.

What is the best camera for travel and vlogging? It just depends on your purpose. Canon M50 is the camera with the best cost-benefit and options for vloggers and travelers who want a “professional look”. The best action cam is GoPro Hero 8, and the best compact camera choice for travel and vlogging is the Canon G7x Mark II. However, there are cheaper options that can serve your objectives.


It’s important because you’ll travel and carry your camera with you almost all the time. You also must hold it a lot while you are vlogging, so it’s the smart option to go for a light camera.

Image quality

Image quality is fundamental today, and it’s a very important point if you want to boost your video quality. The way to find the best quality is to take a better look in specs like dynamic range (higher is better), ISO noise (lower noise is better), and tonal range (higher is better).

Audio quality

The audio quality is another basis of the great vlog production. Because of that, it’s essential to consider this while you are searching for your travel and blogging camera.

Some cameras have a good native microphone, which helps a lot. However, if you own a higher budget, it’s worth considering a camera with a microphone jack to use with an external mic.

Choose the best camera for travel and vlogging for you

You can extract exceptional results from all the options here, so direct your choice to what is the focus of your vlogs. After determining your focus, you can find a camera that will fit your purpose. In this post, the best travel and vlogging cameras were divided by purpose, and you can see it below:

1. Action cameras

If you want to take more action shots, swimming or doing some adventure sport, maybe the Action camera is the best choice for you. They are very portable, with good image quality, which is better than smartphones, but worse than mirrorless.

They are usually waterproof, and because of that, you can take amazing pictures and videos underwater.


gopro hero7 black 1

Go Pro Hero 7 Black

Great dynamic range
Good image stabilization
Built-in waterproof case

✗ Close price to Hero 8
Less accessories than GoPro Hero 8



gopro hero8 black

Go Pro Hero 8 Black

Best stabilization and timelapse options
Built-in waterproof case

✗ No improve on quality from Hero 7
Seems fragile than Hero 7



xiaomi mi mijia 4k 1

Xiaomi Mi Mijia

Good quality for the price
Shoot in 4k and F-log (as Hero 7/8)

Few accessories
Need an external case to record underwater


2. Point-and-shoot cameras

Otherwise, if you are starting now and just want to click and record good videos, it’s an excellent idea to pick a point-and-shoot camera (= Compact camera). They are easy to use, and you don’t need too much study to record good videos. Besides, their image quality can be greater than action cameras, and similar to entry-level mirrorless.

These cameras hold smaller sensors than mirrorless cameras, which can reduce the blurry background (Bokeh effect) in the videos. They also have just a single lens, with less flexibility while producing than mirrorless cameras because of that.


crop 0 0 500 500 0 PowerShot G7 X Mark II blog

Canon G7 X Mark II

Good performance in low light
Good auto-focus
Built-in ND filter
Good dynamic range (12.7 EV)
✓ 180° Flip LCD screen

✗ No built-in viewfinder
No 4k video
Low battery life than average



sony rx100 vii blog

Sony RX100 VII

Good quality lens
Good dynamic range (12.4 EV)
Best autofocus
Great stabilized 4k video
Good viewfinder
✓ 180° Flip LCD screen

✗ Inferior than Canon G7x II in low light
Lack of ND filter



DC ZS70S blog

Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70

Long battery life
Shoot in 4k
Image stabilization
Remote control with smartphone
✓ 180° Flip LCD screen

Lower dynamic range (10.6 ev)
More noise in low light
✗ Lack of ND filter


3. Mirrorless cameras

If you want more flexibility, with a lot of lens options and the best image quality, the mirrorless cameras are the best choice. Since they are made to photographers and videomakers, they have the best sensors and image quality.

You can use it with different lenses, which opens more creative options. However, this higher flexibility has costs, and you must pay extra hundreds (or maybe thousands) dollars to buy a good lens collection. Also, depending on your lens choice, they can significantly increase your equipment weight, reducing the camera portability.

For these reasons, mirrorless cameras are good, but may not be the best choice for your goal, and you need to consider these points.


canon eos m50 blog

Canon EOS M50

4k video (24 fps)
Good image colors
180° Flip LCD screen
Microphone jack
Cheaper lenses

✗ Croped 4k video
Few lens options
Less battery life than competition



Sony a7 miii blog

Sony a7III

4k video (up to 30 fps)
The best image quality
Full-Frame sensor
Best autofocus
Good battery life (710 shots)
✓ Microphone jack

✗ Lack of budget lenses
LCD don’t flip 180°



sony a6000 blog

Sony a6000

Great quality for the price
Good autofocus
Great dynamic range (as Canon M50)
More lens options

LCD don’t flip 180°
More expensive lenses
No 4k video
No microphone jack

(body only)


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