Who is the Human Face Behind the website?

Hello guys, welcome to my website!
My name is Claudio Pereira, I’m a 22 years old passionate photographer and student of medical school from Brazil.

In 2013, when I started to study photography, it was really hard to find reliable sources of information about photography stuff. Today it isn’t so different, because almost every photography influencer just acts as a marketer, without the focus on what is most important to me, the cost-benefit.

So, since 2013, I gathered a lot of knowledge about how to have the best and cheap options when buying cameras and equipment.

My other passion is to travel, and I love it since I was a child. After growing up, I discovered the value of saving money to have amazing experiences, and I try to put these concepts in all the aspects of my life.

In April 2020, I created this blog to help you make the best decisions and save money in the photographic world and in your travels.