Is Brazil worth visiting?
10 facts nobody told you about it

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world and it’s also the greatest country in South America. It’s the place that houses the Amazon rainforest and the biggest Carnival parties. But Brazil is not restricted to just that, it is a place of vast cuisine and an incomparable history.

It has a lot of famous places worldwide like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and many other beautiful locations to visit. It’s also the home of big soccer teams, and you can easily find a place to watch a game. However, if you look at the news about Brazil, you’ll just see the journalists talking about crime and other unpleasant things about it.

Is Brazil Worth Visiting ?

Because of that, maybe you ask yourself: Is Brazil worth visiting? Brazil is worth it to visit, and if I was you, I would definitely put it in the top list of places to go. It has problems like any other country, and also criminality, but it’s much lower than you think. If you give you a chance to travel here, I promise you’ll find unbelievable experiences.

My name is Claudio Pereira, and I have lived in Brazil for 22 years. In this post, I separate 10 reasons why Brazil is worth visiting. Check yourself in the lines below and get prepared to discover things that no one speaks about Brazil on the internet:

1. Cheap place to travel

If you don’t want to spend too much money on your next trip, you should definitely consider Brazil as a place to go. The Brazilian coin “Real” is a devalued currency (1 Dollar = 5 Reais) and if you travel here, you can save a lot of money.

For example, if you eat in a popular restaurant, it’s easy to find good deals for about $4-8. Even if you go to a luxury restaurant, you would just spend on average $20-40. And the best of all is that you will have great culinary experiences in both cheap or luxury options. 

Besides, transport is also pretty cheap.  If you go to a big Brazilian city, like Recife or Rio de Janeiro, you will need to spend less than $1 for the public bus ticket to travel inside the city.

And if you want to explore the interior of the country, you can find good bus tickets for less than $20.

On the other hand, if you want more comfort you can also go by plane, and take a trip from São Paulo to Recife for about $150. 

Another excellent point is that you can find valuable hotels and hostels to stay in big cities in Brazil for very cheap. Just stay away from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo if you want to save money on hotels, and you will find better and cheaper options.

Good hostels will cost you less than 30 bucks a day in famous beach cities like Porto de Galinhas, Porto Seguro, Fortaleza, Natal, and many others. Choosing Airbnb can save you way more money, and it’s easy to find good deals between $20-40.

As you can see, Brazil is a cheap place to travel to. If you don’t want to spend too much money on your next vacation, go here and enjoy it!

is brazil worth visting

2. Beautiful beaches

Brazil is an enormous country, and we have hot watered ocean currents, which creates splendid beaches in almost all the borders of Brazil. The seawater is hot especially in the Northeast and Southeast coasts of Brazil, and there are a lot of comfortable places options to stay.

You can find very beautiful beaches with a bright and blue ocean surrounded by sand and coconut trees whatever are your wishes. If you like beaches with a lot of movement and an imposing shore, it’s an excellent choice to go to big city beaches like Copacabana, and Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro), or Boa Viagem, and Ponta Verde in Recife and Maceió, respectively.

landscape 4430276 1920 1
Ipanema’s beach – Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Boa Viagem beach – Recife (PE)

Otherwise, if you just want to rest in a quiet place with your love, Brazil has the right places for all tastes. You can find beautiful, solitary, and cheaper beaches options like Maragogi (Alagoas) or the more expensive but unbelievable Fernando de Noronha island (Pernambuco), with some of the most beautiful beaches and biome diversity of the world.

Both options, you can just stay in a hammock, drinking coconut and looking to the sea. It’s awesome!

Baía dos Porcos – Fernando de Noronha (PE)
Praia do Americano – Fernando de Noronha (PE)
Maragogi Beach – Maragogi (AL)

3. Very rich culinary

Brazil has five different regions, and every region has its rich cuisine.  If you go to the Northeast, for example, you can find tasteful recipes like cuzcuz, tapioca, pamonha, vatapá, and acarajé. They are cheap, delicious, and carry the Brazilians agriculture and history with them. It’s literally a journey of flavors.

crop 0 0 1920 1279 0 tapioca 2472281 1920 1
Example of Tapioca
crop 167 133 1587 1264 0 couscous 405992 1920
Cuzcuz, a tipical food from the Brazilian Northeast
crop 0 0 1280 960 0 acaraje 1741428 1280
Acarajé, common in the Brazilian Northeast state Bahia

If you go to the South, you will find a lot of different Italian and German descendant towns with their unique culinary. It’s definitely worth it! You can taste an amazing Cuca and beer in the German culture cities, or you can find an amazing cappelletti, cannelloni, or risotto in the Italian descendant cities. Not to mention the great barbecue and the Rio Grande do Sul vines, probably among the best of the world.

All of them carry the history of the cities and the states behind. If you taste the Brazilian food, you will understand a bit of our rich culture and past. 

4. Soccer culture

If you are a soccer lover, Brazil is definitely a suitable place to go, because It is a place with a historic and amazing soccer culture. Almost all Brazilians have a support team, and the country was the birthplace of several soccer stars, like Neymar, Kaka, Ronaldinho gaucho, Dani Alves, the king Pele, and many others.

Moreover, if you visit a big city, it probably has a soccer arena, and you can find pretty good deals to watch soccer games. And best of all: you’ll not spend too much to do that. You can watch a soccer game of a big team like São Paulo for less than 10 bucks. It’s really cheap!

You can also try to interact with the Brazilian people about soccer. They will love it, and you can make new friends doing that.

People watching a soccer match

5. Diversity of vegetation

If nature is your passion and you like to explore it, you should consider putting Brazil in one of the first places to go. Brazil has a big variety of biomes with 9 unique types of vegetation. On the coast of Brazil, you’ll find good beaches, and a rain forest called “Mata Atlantica”. If you go deep inside the Northeast, you can find semi-arid vegetation, with a friendly population, and deep history behind.

cowboys 2787789 1280
Caatinga, a semi-arid vegetation on the Northeast of Brazil

Go to the Center West, and you will find vegetation called cerrado.  It looks like a savanna but it has its own plants and animals.

The South has a coniferous forest called “Mata dos pinhais”, with big and unique trees made by nature to survive in the colder winter.

landscape 1629977 1280
Cerrado vegetation
Mata Atlantica Rainforest

Otherwise, if you go to the north of Brazil, you’ll find our most famous Forest, the Amazon rainforest.  It’s the richest forest in the entire world, with millions of different animal species, tons of big and amazing trees, and giant rivers crossing by. This is a spot point if you like biology, and you will be delighted with the beauties there.

scenic view of rainforest 927414
Amazon Rainforest

6. Diverse Culture

In Brazil, we have an impressive cultural diversity because we were one of the first places to be colonized in America by the indigenous and European People.

Probably you don’t know, but we also received a lot of different immigrants in the past centuries. The first ones were the Portuguese people, but we also received many people from Africa countries, Netherland, Germany, Italian, Japanese, and many others, Which made our culture unique. All the regions of Brazil have a special culture mix, and I promise you that you will be amazed by the peculiarities of each one.

nick fewings BAZejJdZ57w unsplash
Flags of different countries together

For example, if you go to the northeast of Brazil you will notice fragments of our Netherlands colonization, and from our Portuguese, African and indigenous past.

However, if you go to the south of Brazil, you will find remnants of Spanish, German, Italian, and Poland cultures mixed.

All these things together contribute to making our culture one of the richest cultures in the entire world. For these reasons, if you go to Brazil, you will have contact with a strong and different cultural experience.

7. Friendly people

Our rich culture mix made us friendly people to immigrants. The Brazilians love to interact with immigrants, and even if they don’t know English, they will try to help you and be your friend, especially in the small towns.

I need to agree that the Brazilian people rarely spoke English, but they will try to help you and find somebody who speaks English.

If someday you came here and got lost you just need to ask somebody, and they try to find a way to help. Just be careful,  because as you are entering a place you don’t know, some people can try to take advantage of you. However, corrupt people are the minority, and you can find good helpers and make friends easily here.

people having a party holding yellow and green flag 1191548
People from different countries wearing Brazilian shirts

8. Ethnic diversity

Because of our vast colonized past, you’ll find people with a mix of different ethnicities in Brazil. We have a mix of black, white, indigenous, and Latin ethnic traits,  which made us unique, with different social aspects and beauties.

You can find, for example, white people with curly black hair, brown people with green eyes, and many more. I don’t have words to describe the ethnic diversity of Brazil; you need to come here and see with your eyes.

naassom azevedo Q Sei TqSlc unsplash e1593878369626

9. Rich music variety

Going to Brazil is also an opportunity to have amazing music experience. We have songs for all tastes, from erudite to popular music, and even a mix of both. Brazil was the birthplace of Bossa Nova, which was famous around the world in the past decades, with chill melodies. You should try it on your playlist.

If you like the erudite music, MPB (Popular Brazilian Music) it’s a good choice. The musicians made some of these songs in our dictatorial past, which carries the story of painful times with it. It’s a trip to our past.

However, If you like to dance, and your goal is to shake your body, you can also find energetic songs wherever you go. We have great party songs in all Brazilian regions, like Carioca’s funk (Rio de Janeiro), Brega Funk (Pernambuco), Axé (Bahia), Sertanejo, Pagode, Forró and so much more.

Go to Brazil, and you can enjoy amazing music and dance experiences. You’ll have the chance to move your body and dance wherever you go.

pearse o halloran mrbDuwF9gqk unsplash 1
Bossa Nova music, famous in the past decades
Sertanejo music festival in Brazil
man wearing white polo shirt and hat 1974100
People dancing Samba in the Carnival

10. Unique and diverse art production 

Last but not least, go to Brazil and you will see unique artistic production. The craftsmen are part of the history of Brazil, and you can find unique art production in all places you go to in Brazil.

We also had a fabulous past of poets, writers, sculptors, and painters. All filled with the history of when they lived and the cultural mix that resulted in today’s Brazil.

They are usually humble and friendly, and you can buy wonderful art with a very precious historical burden without spending too much.

Brazilian art presentation on Garanhuns (PE)

So, what do you think? Is Brazil Worth visiting? Give a chance to try it, and I promise the things you’ll see will surprise you!


Claudio Pereira


He is a brazilian writing in english, a student of Medical School, and a Photographer during the free time. His passion for photography started in 2012 . After discover it, he never stopped.

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